Friday, March 21, 2014


When I was a kid I believed in God so much, one day I was praying outside a room locked with sweets hoping the sweet will come in to my hands. I spent a long time with prayers unanswered. I could not blame as it was my sincerity which did not bring sweet to me as preachers would say. Every adult knows that whatever honesty or sincerity cannot get a sweet out of a locked room in to your hands in an act of God. If you look around the world, you will notice society almost the same kind of belief. The poor have belief in God than the well to do. There is more 

fanaticism in 
poor and illiterate than the learned. It is not that learned understand that God is not real, it is the belief that when in trouble and you have nobody to ask for help, God is the only hope. Everyone has one final hope that is God. Nobody has seen God and so far we have not definitely caught him on film or proved. While we have so many Gods and we literally are fighting each other to prove that our god is better than the other. Many times the people who want God to progress are trying to protect God who is in distress. They go to the extent of killing people also. People in developed countries and some in others have gotten over this business of God and have stopped going to the places of worship. Some of the churches are converted as commercial places in developed countries. While in developing countries like India and others the places of worship are growing like their population. 

Being religious is the nature of human to associate everything to a supernatural power as nobody has proved anything yet of life itself. People dream of a miracle, as promised by saints and prophets over centuries. The beliefs are so strong it defies logic. Every illogical behavior of humans has relation to god. Drowning man catches a straw, is relevant to human race, as the normal life style has become so stressful that they need a straw to hold on to their life. That is where God comes in to action. Over centuries so many saints and prophets have come in to this world and preached. Many things are captured and over centuries every person who was educated has been assigned to manipulate those writings to the advantage of the select few. These are the people who have sowed the seeds of hatred which we are reaping now. 

In our experience of few centuries in this planet we have seen so many religious leaders preaching to their disciples, good and bad. People have followed them with dedication and devotion in the hope of a better life then and after death. Some of them have convinced the people saying  the real life is awaiting them after death than the present, and we have our flock following them to their death. They are fed certain phrases only, most of them with certain clear cut political advantage. Most of them spread hatred for non believers. Hatred and God's word is building barriers among the different religious communities. Hatred begets hatred and we have other communities gearing up to fight back, the fight finally turns ugly and we have riots. While riots continue with these unconcerned humans, only the innocent and poor die. The real perpetrators are reaping benefit out of this in many ways either financially or politically. 

Again in our experience we have seen no God has appeared on Earth as far hundreds of years of recorded events. And no saint or prophet has lived more than his normal human life of a maximum of a century. We have not seen god’s miracles in public display or captured on film. But we have proved time and again many saints are common men in disguise fooling the people for their perversions. The religion and religious places are the safe hideouts with opportunities for the perverse individuals. They use their influence among the masses to use their power for personal immoral and illegitimate actions. In spite of knowing with repeated incidents, you will find people flocking to them. They are so much faith in them, they trust them to their death. 

When millions of gullible are easily available, every criminal and pervert individuals use the religious mask to enter in to that system and use it to their advantage. These are the people in power or people with power of God who use them for personal fantasies. They can mobilize lot of people for their fight in the name of God, and scare them of consequences if they do not. Humans, look for one gullible you will find millions one better than the other. If you do not fall in line you will be banished from the community and blamed as an agent working against the community. This has polarized the society in to so many splinter groups within the major religious groups themselves. People are devoid of logic, rationality and humanity have become zombies of hatred. Hatred is against everybody who is not of the same group. These are maintained by certain individuals who use them for the mass appeal and support.  

society which has a standard as old as few centuries cannot be expected to behave to our expectation of modern world. People with no basic facilities of a human, cannot be expected to behave in a humane behavior. If there has been no progress in culture due to inefficiency of the state in not bringing them on the mainstream you cannot expect them to change overnight to a modern society. If their living life style is like animals, you cannot expect them to be again at their best behavior. The only way to get them to think of higher level of thinking is by giving the basics they deserve. The basics are the responsibility of the state. The state should ensure what is the best culture the society has to get taking in to consideration the better policy used by the developed world with inclusive attitude of the local customs. The state should ensure to remove the bad habits, customs and rituals which are inhuman and which do not follow the universal equality.

People do not know how to live a better life as they are used to living the way they have seen and heard. It is the responsibility of the state to build a better nation. The state has to make sure what people see and hear and show them the better way of living. When the society learns to live the better way of living, it is a productive society with less conflicts within. Democracy cannot be taken for granted, where the real democratic values devours the democracy. State is run by corrupt politicians who are part of the corrupt society. Millions of Indian qualify competitive examinations across the country and world. many join services and looking at the status of our society we know by now how degenerate these brains have given us service. We believe in all charlatans who promise to remove corruption in a day, when the deep rooted system of corrupt practices of the society itself are not even considered. In daily life I see all these charlatans, corrupt, criminal and low life's complaining about the corruption. But they would never change and they stick to corrupt practices.

Over few decades we have grown out of casteism, though not completely eradicated. At least the second generation literates have grown out of it.  Majority of the educated believe in  equality till the fissures are created by people in politics for personal gain. This divisive nature of politics is played by all leaders in the country. The beneficiary are few in highest level of power. Only way to get out of this degenerating  politics to progress is to get a good leader. The leader who can tame the corrupt with in his group and outside.The leader who believes in equality for a better nation than for certain communities. The leader who believes in tolerance at the same time quells the anti national elements. The leader who can deliver for the society than his family. No system is devoid of corrupt individuals, it is the smartness of a leader to contain them and bring the best out of the rot. This is the need of the hour. 

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Friday, May 24, 2013

Manage your waste.

Waste management has been the nightmare of the world, which is still struggling to figure out how to.  We being the biggest offenders expect government to solve, which is a representative of ourselves. We have not found a way to solve all the waste we generate. Waste management is the biggest disaster waiting to happen in our country while we are clueless about it. Indians claim to be very clean, while they dirty the neighborhood. Only the house seen by others is clean, rest will be rotten and they complain.

We generate lot of waste. We have waste from paper, plastic, food and many more. We put them all in to a bag which is collected by a garbage collector in some places. Rest dump in to the dumpster which is nearby. Since everybody throws everything in to one bag and is discarded in to the dumpster, we do not know the problem that is causing in terms of solving the waste. And the problems which are associated with it.

We can help the society, environment and country by being responsible. All it needs is simple discipline. In this country if you don’t help yourself, nobody else will. We may end up dead if we are waiting for our rights. If you want to live better, you better help yourself.  We can help ourselves by simple waste management.

Divide the waste into three to four categories like paper, plastic, wet waste and the rest. Sort the paper first. Every paper that comes in to your house should have a place to go. The envelopes can be opened well and good ones can be stored, which can be used to store many items for future use by labeling them. Rest of them should be put among the newspapers. Unimportant papers printed on one side can be filed to use the empty side later, either by the kids to paint or yourselves as a rough paper.  Confidential papers which have to be thrown should be discarded by local factors at your discretion or can be shredded or cut in to pieces and used among the wet waste. Every paper can be folded to a decent extent and stored along with the newspapers. The extra paper may not fetch you much but they go to the right place, recycling unit.

Plastic waste, aluminum cans, bottles and non degradable waste is stored in a large bin, which is sold to the paper guy, which will fetch you few bucks. We usually let the maid handle this, letting her sort and sell where she gets few bucks. Plastic covers can be folded to their original shape and placed in a box. These can be reused later.

The uncooked vegetable waste should be stored in a container and left it in the backyard. The uncooked vegetable waste dries up and does not stink. It can be used for composting or can be used in the garden filling the areas dug up especially for these. Or you can combine the garden waste like leaves and flowers and pass it on to the garbage collector.

Wet waste is the biggest culprit which is a nuisance. Decomposing the food waste and others cause bad odours and invite unwanted insects. These have to be discarded daily with a plastic bag. This is an ecological disaster and is expensive. Instead of throwing the wet waste daily you can use the other means. Food waste can be collected at the kitchen sink, by simple means. One container is kept dedicated to fill the food waste by everyone at the sink. Everybody walks in and empties their food waste in to the container before either washing or dumping their plates. Along with this throw away food and wet waste is combined. At the end of the day, the waste is washed by water by sieving. The waste is stored in closed lid container and put in the refrigerator. If the waste is too big it can be discarded on the same day or the next. Otherwise it is stored till it gets accumulated to a certain extent.  It can be disposed off in two ways, either to a dumpster in a bag or without depending on the service given in your place. Or it can be used for composting. There are simple ways of composting in the country please find them online. This way your kitchen will not stink and you do not have to dispose garbage every day.

You may find millions of items which cannot be divided in the above way. When you get the fundamentals right, you know how to manage. These are the basic ideas you should work on. Then you can help. Our government institutes have not gone way ahead in waste management. Let’s go ahead of them and be prepared. I know we don’t see that happening, neither do I see people following whatever I am talking. You know why we don't care, because garbage is not dumped around our house. But it still has to be dumped around somebody's house. They can't fight and should we care ?

PS: All the pictures are copied from Google search for illustrations only.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Selfish, self centered and self obsessed .

Selfish, self centered and self obsessed .

Average life expectancy of an Indian is around 65 years, the irony is, we are ruled by people older than that. They should have been playing around with grand children retired; instead all of them are running this country to their grave.
Old enough to be on wheel chairs nothing much to do in life, are still holding on to those chairs. Running a billion plus people of varied class and culture isn’t easy, yet they do. Can’t walk or speak fluently, still they can sit through foreign policies and national interests with failing prostates. What is it that drives them so hard, while I cannot hold on to my meager job? What is really in their mind and what do they want? When highly qualified professionals have to retire by age 60, how can the policy makers get to run till they die? Why haven’t we protested?

A student gathering was asked who the next prime minister will be; when nobody answered. The speaker asked, why it can’t be one of them? The great institutes of our country are churning out wonderful graduates for the rest of the world. All those who got a discounted training from our country, have not given back anything to this country, what it really needs. Monetary support to the institute does nothing better for the country. Many are feeling lucky to have had a great career abroad, and the unlucky are left with sour grapes
sulking their way to grave with a great casket of their own, which is fully equipped bungalows away from the real India, stinking and dirty. Even if everything stinks around their house, they care less as long as their house is secure. They care less for the country, in every behavior of themselves. They do not voice or fight for anything, are content and complain all through life of the ills of the society, which they are conning to the best of their knowledge. They talk; talk of corruption and politicians, while they want their politician to win. 


Money and gold are the first love of an Indian. Politics, cricket and movies are their spouses. This brings the fascination for rulers and celebrities. Indians live in a fantasy world not believing in reality; can be won easily by promises. Indian movies represent the biggest lies of Indians and their greatest joy ride of fantasy. Hence the celebrities and politicians are obnoxiously wealthy, who live without spending a buck to live. Sponsored all the time either by corporate or the public in the form of donations. Many are weighed in gold or silver by the poor. The poor, who have no life, collect money among the poor to pay these rich fat wastes. The masters in Idol worship, they feel fulfilled in pleasing their celebrities while they eat literally nothing a human should be. Criminals know the psyche of our great Indian poor; they have been on a rampage fooling these foolish Indians from time immemorial. And over years they have been entering in to the professions suitable,   religious heads, police, and politics and so on. And the reason is, India has a varied human museum in the world.  

India is run by few dynasties, while it is named after one dynasty in every corner of the country.  We are part of a family business or kingdoms and it is a circus with  masters.   We elect them with a reason. Election is on the basis of closeness, relation, caste, creed and religion. It has to be the one who is of benefit to us more than what they can do to society or country. It is always us, we who matter and we need our representative in whatever criteria who can be ours. We don’t care about his motives or capability as long as he helps our life, a self-centered decision for our benefit. Corrupt are always the other people, not we or our relatives. Our people and relatives cannot be corrupt and criminal. Every corrupt and criminal’s mother thinks, he is innocent. And we do not protest, comfortable to make the fast buck in whatever profession we are in.

I have heard of all the proud Indians, about our culture and great legacy of India, while the Indians are despised around the world, we go on barking about our greatness, when we stink and do not even know the basic toilet etiquette in the world scenario. Academically leading, prehistoric thinking and behavior is not accepted by the world elite. Living in a legacy of the great India, which was few thousand years back is not a shortcut for acceptance in the present world.
Considered the dirty and stinking, Indians go through discrimination just like the system they follow at home. Not relating to present and accepting has put us back in to middle ages.   Everybody is expecting miracles to happen to this country, when every individual is irresponsible in their behavior and criminal. It can be any profession, cheating is part of the game, while the parents, themselves criminals try to put their kids in the best of the institute. Lacking honesty, discipline and human values, what are they expecting from big schools?  Finally we have another kid like their parents, burden on the society.

We have no leader to lead us to the Promised Land. Every leader is self centered and self obsessed to give us what we deserve, which we have got from thousands of years. Where are our stars from cricket and Bollywood, who are fed by foolish Indian crowd? Maybe no sponsors came to send those clowns.  It is a shame, that our country has produced hundreds of celebrities making money from audience. And no one has given anything back to the society, nothing but nonsense. With great a media they are associated with they could have contributed in all aspects of improving the society.

Multiple rapes to millions of criminal behavior is reported around the country every day, it is not even given a second thought by the people who matter for the country, the educated. They are so busy in building their career or property. So ugly and obnoxious they look, it is difficult to comprehend the humanity in Indians always. There is so much indifference in our people that they assume that bad things happen far away to somebody else. We are so engrossed in making money; we literally do not care about the society.   Prime minister or President is not running this country.  The present government has ruled this country for more than five decades, and all they could achieve was this sham status we live in and help dynasties loot our country and secure their family name.  Our government is so weak, even tiny nations like Maldives are threatening us, which is so tiny that if ever all the Bangaloreans visit that place at once it will sink. Indian low standard is well written in a blog where the author tells us the reality of our foreign policy, which I agree with. Read

British did better things, than the Indians are doing to us. We still are following the laws of British, which are centuries old. We do not have guts to change them to suit to our needs. Our courts are medieval and corrupt to the core. The courts function like there is no humanity.  We should have had legal reforms decades back; we may not see it in our life time or India’s lifetime. Most of our courts are like Indian fish market. Every individual has a mind which is looking at benefit. They do not move, because the criminals run the courts. Along with this we have an inefficient police force, which is competing with the courts in terms of criminalization. Police force reforms also will occur after India disappears from the map. People have to fight for themselves; nobody is going to give you the best on a platter. French revolution did not happen on its own. African Americans did not get their equality easily; apartheid did not go without a fight. It is for the Indians to rise up and fight to get what they deserve. Time has come finally, as Indians have never collectively fought for anything, leaving aside Independence struggle.

The great reggae musician Bob Marley died early in life. In his short life he contributed a lot to the world. He built a nation in music and brought it on to international stage. Decades back he sang “Get up, stand up”, which cannot be truer than now in this world. Few lines go like this

Get up, stand up, stand up for your rights. 

Preacher man, don't tell me, Heaven is under the earth.
I know you don't know what life is really worth.

Most people think, Great god will come from the skies,
Get up, stand up, Don’t give up the fight, life is your right.
Get up, stand up, so we can't give up the fight

We sick and tired of a ism-skism game - Dyin' 'n' goin' to heaven in-a Jesus' name, lord.
We know when we understand, Almighty god is a living man.
You can fool some people sometimes, but you can't fool all the people all the time.
So now we see the light,We gonna stand up for our rights
So you better Get up, stand up Stand up for your right.

We are paper tigers, while we pronounce that we are proud to be Indians, we are antagonistic of a true Indian. We, our family and relatives matter than the basic services of a human. Lowest a human can go is achieved the best by Indians in their real life style. Indians have millions of enemies in the world, in reality the enemy is among themselves, it is the other Indian. To be a proud Indian, you have to contribute to build it with honesty, discipline. Put your society and country first, more than the irrational desires.



Thursday, March 21, 2013

Watch Your Back

Watch your back.
A young couple with a three old kid were on a holiday, when the husband died of massive bleeding in the brain. We get to see lot of young dying of strokes and accidents. The young father may have had lot of plans for the future. He may have planned a life for his child and may have thought of so many wonderful things he will be able to give his kid. How wonderful he should be as a father and how his kid should achieve. He may have planned a future of achieving himself for the sake of his family. All that was lost the moment he lost his life and now the family is lost. Before wife realises funeral and post funeral events are finished. Reality has kicked in; the journey of this family has taken a turn and life so different than, what it would have been.

 If the lady is working, she can get back in and build a life. If she is not, she is stuck.  Parents may force her to get married and if she does, again the life is different. While she builds a new life with the new husband, the kid’s life takes a turn unless the new step father is good enough. Finances of the previous husband may be taken over by the new husband, either by patriarchal view or by an emotional blackmail by the new husband. The new step father may not put his dreams on to this kid.  He may want his own kids with her and they get preference while the neglect of the first continues. The dream for the kid what his father dreamt may stall by the turn of events. The whole life of the first kid is going to be anger and detest.

Another young mother was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer and the family is devastated. The young kid had no idea what is happening. Lot of resources were spent on treatment making them poorer by 30 – 40 % of their savings. This situation is very difficult, as the lady has to literally go through her mind about the possibilities of the future.  While the lady goes through her hell of a life, the husband has to continue to gather lot of finances for present and future. Nobody knows what is in store. Life gets shorter and still shorter to make the best. In the unfortunate event, the husband may remarry. The newer wife may or may not be the best for the kid. The charm of the new wife can ruin this kid’s life. 

Jaywalking youngsters have an arrogance of life. When you tell them they can be offensive. They assume they have superior skills of multitasking.  I do have higher threshold for offense and broader spectrum just like my fellow Indians. Teaching people is a difficult task; invariably you will get offended and may lose people. But you have to fight your way to get there. Reality hurts people and Indians like to avoid it. We live in a state of euphoria and we like only euphoric moments which are provided by our movies. We cannot accept reality and enjoy short bits of euphoric moments getting away from the real disturbing Indian life style. Over time we have built up an arrogance of total disregard for self safety. We show off unmindful of the consequences of other’s mistakes. We are very confident of ourselves so much we are unaware of the unexpected. 

Expecting the unexpected is not in our dictionary.  Any advice is looked up by contempt. A fraction of a second loss of concentration by a driver can knock you down and you may lose your life or may be bed ridden. There are millions of morons on the road, who are not worth driving. All of them are high on arrogance speaking over the phone or texting and browsing through while driving. They can run in to you, even if you are following your side of rule. You cannot blame them after you have lost your leg or life. Or the other way around, you may be driving like them and cause accidents.  Millions are warned every day, yet nobody cares. But it is a style statement, nobody stops doing it. Only hospitals are laughing all the way to mortuary and are equipping themselves for their arrival. 

The problem is how prepared are you for this kind of lifestyle. Loss of life of a loved one can occur from hundreds of causes. Disability can be drain on your resources. When you have a loss of life, there is a sudden void in the people around you. If you have started a family, the family can go in to irreparable loss. The direction of life may change for everybody. How have you secured yourself?

Family is secondary to a marriage, which is basically a business deal, leaving aside the hormonal necessities and commitment of societal compulsions. You still have the ego and jealousy in a commitment. Yet we find it hard to accept the reality of what a relationship can be. Irrespective of love and deeper attachment of a relationship, there still is a business deal in all the relations. Every relation in a family whether it is around parents and children or siblings and spouses finally it boils down to subtle to massive business deal.

 We all make a family with the intention of living life to our old age. We plan our kid’s future and expect them to do well to take care of themselves and us. What we do not know is what can go wrong. Right from spouse to children can leave us and we may be stranded. Expectations are high, and returns are very less. We have to plan our life in such way, that everybody gets security from the misdeeds of any member of the family, either parents or the children. Wise handling and proper planning will help the remaining in distress.

Is your child secured from future second husband or wife? Is your money only going to your kid or somebody else’s? The unfortunate incidents happen to millions of people and it can happen to anybody. How to secure the life of our close ones and ourselves? We need to look at reality and plan the same. How do you will your property? How will your near ones know what all you have in your name? Many times people would not know all the wealth stored by their near ones even after death, as they never had a plan of disclosing till their death. Everybody keeps the secret till the end and before you know, they are dead.

How are the women securing themselves? Many marriages fail, and at the end of the day, the woman is left to fend for herself. If she is not working, life is difficult. Many people do not even realise that they have to secure themselves, expecting the unexpected. It is like prenuptial agreement. You are trying to make it work, at the same time you are securing for the unexpected. The problem with Indians is that they assume once you are married everything is settled. It will be just like their parents and relatives. The life will go on till you get old. Things are changing; do not underestimate the reality of the present. Have you prepared yourself, in case the spouse is lost either by loss of life or divorce?  

Have you prepared yourself to be a single parent or a new parent when the new partner comes along?  What is the guarantee you will do justice with your kid? Or have you thought of your kid losing both the parents? Who will be there for the kid? We do not even have an authentic foster care for these situations in the country. They end up with nearer ones who only want their parent’s money and not them. 

People are so engrossed in acquiring wealth; they neglect everything from family, society and themselves. Wealth is given utmost importance in their personal life, they do not even realise what happens to that wealth, in an unfortunate incident. The same discussion turned funny, about the possibilities of what can happen to that wealth in an untimely loss of life. Just imagine who all will be waiting for the opportune moment to get to your vault. Usually the unwanted ones, whom you have kept away, end up conning and taking advantage of the situation.

Life is uncertain. Anything can happen to anybody. It is the level of preparedness we have which matters. It is not easy to accept. When there is a loss of life or disability, the family goes through lot of emotional turmoil. And finally everything comes to man power and finances, it’s only human. 

I am just raising the above points of uncertainty. I am not giving you answers on my own. But looking at life in all perspectives is the way to life. Get out of tunnel vision and have broader perspective. 

PS: All the images are copied from Google search for illustraion.  

Sunday, March 3, 2013

I Am Better Than You

I Am Better Than You

My father wanted a son badly. But god had different views. May be he was funny; he gave him girls and many of them. Finally he went to a famous swami for blessings to have a son. The swami blessed and assured him that he will have two sons. Instead he had some more girls. He was so angry with god; he broke everything about god in the house, stomped on them and threw them. From that day he became an atheist. Later in spite of having two sons, he did not believe in god till he died. He died early, may be god got tired of him and took him away.

I grew up with very little religious beliefs. God came in to our life on festival days and whenever there was a temple visit. There were no daily praying and all that.  People at home were religious, but we didn't have a set plan for god. We prayed to god when in need with no rules.  We were scared of God, as heaven and hell were very well communicated by elders. We were literally scared of hell, as the devils up there were very good in frying and boiling us alive in oil. That was really scary for anybody, so doing dirty deeds were out of the question.

As I grew up I was introduced to many more gods. Gods of different religions were accepted in the same prayer hall and prayed in our boarding school. Next boarding school accepted all religions in its fold. We never had animosity for other religion or gods. We were taught that all roads lead to god, which ever route you take, the routes being the religions. We prayed regularly and god came back in to my life. Officially I was a believer and god was helping me through my life. Over time I got to know more gods from my religion and other religions.

When I started work, my work place started work with prayer and recitation. Many times I also recited, though I was the only one of a different religion and I did not have any problem.  One day the chief asked me why I do not believe in only living god for which I could only smile. With so many gods around me, didn't mind another god to my list.  By now I was confused with so many gods and constant reminder by people of how their god is better and how others can live without their god. I asked one boss in rounds. Sir, how is it that God is not angry with non followers and why so many millions are of different religion?  If the God was only one and he is supreme, why is it he can’t get all of them to follow him?  Or is it that he is having some fun, looking at how stupid we are killing each other. Answers didn't satisfy me. And god disappeared from my life again.

God has been my constant search, as I see millions of religious Indians. Indians are a brand. We have an Indian who is a brand with a logo. You can literally look at a person and know he belongs to certain brand. It is just like a car brand. Take the logo out and you still can say which brand it is, a trait set by the brand. Like that we tend to set a trait in our behavior  attitude, dress or our additional logos to show off to others, who we are and where we belong. This is to show we are better and ours is better, maybe you should think of following us.  Everybody wants to show who they are and where they belong. God is used everywhere and for everything. God is given to everybody, whether asked or not. If you open a Face book page, you see so many gods in so many styles and varieties, god is worried. He did not know he had such corporate style. He has advanced to I Pad world. Now you can see god online and pray online.

Assume God is in charge of our solar system. Where does he stay, he cannot stay in the sun, he may burn. Then he can’t be in moon also we have visited moon.  May be in Jupiter or mercury or like we say paradise. Paradise may be a super planet, not yet discovered by the humans, as the god has not yet decided on showing the world. May be many solar systems are headed by different gods while they stay together in this super planet.  And all are fighting for their numbers like politicians and corporate. Earth is their biggest territorial dispute.  And it may have gone higher up to be solved in god’s court of united planets.

Many people over the years have asked me whether I believe in god. And I have always told them that I do. For that I do not have to show them I do. I have nothing around that shows that God is with me. God is personal, very personal. He is not an object to be projected everywhere. He is not a politician and he does not need votes. May be he needs some space and I give him space. I pray to him but I keep him at home. Neither do I take him everywhere I go nor do I tell everybody about him.  He is in my heart and all I have to do is follow his principle of being human.

 People bring god everywhere and want to share with everybody, only thing they do not do is what god is asking them. Being human, kind and honest.  If all the religious people other than the realists of this country were to follow the principle of their god, we would have had paradise on earth. There would be no corruption, crime and inequality. Instead we have the most corrupt, racist and criminal people in this world.  And all of them are religious. God has more followers of corrupt, racist and criminal background than the honest ones. That is the irony of god. No wonder he has not made up his mind to visit his property and his children.

I was in a small town for a few years which was so religious; you just had to drive around the city to know.  The town had lot of hillocks around. Every boulder was painted with all the religious signs.  Every religion had made their presence. If one goes higher other one goes higher than that. If one is bigger other one goes bigger than that. They were showing that they were higher, bigger and better. This attitude is building hatred among everybody and the younger generation are growing up with more hatred. You can see how religious our country has gone compared to ten years ago. We are getting more religious and we are making it obvious by showing off. This is offending others who in turn are getting more religious themselves and getting defensive.

Religious beliefs are like husband and wife relation. You continuously insult the other to win an argument. More you try to prove you are better is by going low in life. You cannot win; there is always resistance from the other end. Everything you believe as right is opposed by the other. Nobody will let go and accept you, unless you accept.
God will not be coming shortly to solve our problems till our race is wiped off. He may come back later and start a new civilization  I have had a love and hate relationship with god. When in need I go to him, sometimes I get angry with him and stop believing him. And it is all very personal; nobody is involved in my relationship with him. I do not need an identity from him, because I do not intend to intimidate the others. I give space for their belief and respect that. That is the reason I keep my god at home and in my heart. Even in my house he is not displayed in every nook and corner. He has place and he stays there. He does not need a form and especially he does not need an advertisement.

I am better than you, is an attitude practiced by humans in many ways. It is present in everyday activity, involving caste, creed and religion. It is harassment and intimidation. And it is shown in many different ways and we all come across in daily life. Just imagine how many friends you have missed by this, who could have come from so many different traits and built you in your personal life. 

This attitude builds defense from the other person who turns in to hatred and mob building. There are many people who take advantage of this to build an army of people with hatred.

World peace which has been talked about in the world can be achieved by the people themselves. All you have to do is leave your identity at home. Be a global citizen you will be accepted everywhere. More you want to show your identity, more you are a suspect.

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Friday, February 15, 2013

Eat my way of cup meals

Losing weight has been a constant issue among all the people around the world. The haves have built up enough reserve to last rest of their winters. Millions of people are overweight and all of them are aware of the health concerns. Everything connected with losing weight is making money.  People are enrolling in to gyms, aerobics, yoga and swimming in the hope of losing weight. Certain foods are also bought in the hope of losing weight. The losing weight is a billion dollar business around the world.

 Life has become sedentary over years with very little physical exercise. People were not overweight in olden days as life styles involved physical work and walking.  Lack of physical work and walking among the middle class and above has caused an endemic of obesity. Along with the sedentary life style they are consuming enormous amount of food. They want to try every taste in the world.  Mixing of cultures and cuisines has made daily meals in to daily feast. People eat like there is no tomorrow and end up obese.
Right from childhood the amount of food consumed per session counts. We are advised to eat small quantities in multiple times.  Instead we eat large quantities in less number of times. The logic is simple. The stomach feels full at certain amount of filling. That message is transmitted to the brain when the stomach is adequately distended. Eating large quantities, in the long run causes stomach to expand. Expanded stomach needs larger amount of food to distend to a state, which in turn, sends a message to brain to say it is full. Invariably quantity increases over time and person has to eat much more to feel full. The large quantity which is consumed is not spent in terms energy. Over time this accumulates as fat.  Fat is an energy reservoir which is used to convert in to protein and carbohydrates when food is in short supply. This simple logic helps us that eating in small quantities goes a long way.

Eat my way is an idea I have been advising for people who want to lose weight, which I call Cup Meals. Losing weight or staying thin lies in eating less, more than going to gym or running miles. Remember all of us are ordinary people, not some fitness freaks or athletes. Ordinary person do not have to run or go to gym to stay healthy per se, while disorders require advice by the doctors.

Cup meals are nothing but a meal served like a plate meal, which is common in south Indian hotels.  All the food is served in cups in a plate. Routinely a meal in a south Indian hotel has two chapattis, or few pooris, a bowl of rice, two cups of vegetable dish, a rasam, cup of sambar, cup of curd, cup of butter milk and a sweet. When we eat a meal like this most of us feel full and stop. I would like you to implement this at home. You may not have all these every day, yet you can serve them like that.  The cups are served to a common person at home. You cannot serve very big bowl of rice or increase the number. It should cover all varieties, like vegetables, curd, rice and chapatis, so that protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals are covered. You can use your own variety.  

The idea is to eat all in moderate amount. Everything is measured in cups and put in the plate or the cups themselves are placed. And nobody gets a second serving, eat everything on the plate. At home you can add two more cups, a bowl of salad and a bowl of fruits. Regular fruits should not contain too much sugar.

Many people may find themselves, feeling hungry with this. Being used to eating lot of food over time, they need a lot to fill. At that time you need to fool your stomach. You need to fill up 

your stomach with food which is useless in terms up putting on weight. Drink one or two glasses of water while eating, which fills up or eat a fruit or a glass of juice after eating.  Use lot of water and thin buttermilk in filling up the stomach. Stomach has to be fooled with some filler which are worthless in putting on weight. There are many wonderful types of filler, like cucumber, carrot, guava, and many more which contain only fiber with less sugar. 

Bringing all the food on to the table is the worst thing to do. You tend to eat more with more servings, which is against my way. There is always something which is interesting which you tend to eat more than needed. That is what you should avoid. So stop bringing all the things cooked on to table. Cook formally, try things for occasions.  You do not party or feast every day. Food is for survival, not for partying, excess always kills you. You wear formal dress daily and dress to kill for a function. Food is eaten like that. Eat formally daily and eat to kill on an occasion.
Bringing up kids in this period is very difficult. So many things are happening in the world. Growing economy, extra money at our disposal is making kids obese. With few kids in the family, lot of pampering and over rewarding for the inefficiency of themselves, the parents are inadvertently killing them. They are getting obese, really obese; there is no way they are going get themselves fit in later life, when you have built them to be what they are. Recent generation do not even play outside the house. Parents are self obsessed, compensating a kid’s life with lot of food freebies.

I suggest you use my way, you fill up their plate in all combinations and tell them to eat. They cannot get out without finishing. Give them planned food, not over filling food. The problem I see in our people is that they tend to dump lot of food and force them to eat. Let them eat whatever they can, you make sure it has variety. Letting them eat what they like is the worst thing to do. Yes, they are your only kids and you want to give your best, at what cost ladies. They will eat anything, if you build them with hunger. A hungry kid can eat anything, so put out those things which they will refuse once they know the taste.

Other than eating my way, there is some basic minimal requirement to lose weight. That is some physical activity. You may not go on walks or running. Whatever you walk around in your life, do it briskly. Try to move more, more trips to kitchen to drink water are good enough. More trips around the house or in the house are better. Help around the house. Get in to any energy spending activity. Do everything yourself. Clean the house more often. Sort the house more often.

Losing weight my way is a gainer. You save lot of money. You have to cook less and you do not have to pay thousands in gym or weight reducing programe.  You’ll win, all you have to do is eat less. 

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