Friday, May 19, 2023

Watch what you Eat


Watch what you eat

Other day we were in a very expensive restaurant for dinner. I just ate a piece of mutton chops, and when I just bit in to it I felt I am eating chicken. And I immediately told my colleague sitting next to me that it was not mutton and tasted like chicken. Then I continued for some time and realized it was not mutton. Both of us tried to investigate, looked at the meat by itself which was not typical of red meat. It was white meat and it was not chicken. Spine was distinctive,  easily breakable with soft cartilage. This made us stop eating and since then I stopped eating mutton in restaurants.

What can possibly be that meat on that day? I will present my speculation and what happens in the meat market and the restaurants.

Meat is sold in different ways. Most of us are used to buy meat in the nearby shops where meat is chopped in front of our eyes. There are markets within the deeper pockets of a city which is not accessible by many. Basically let’s assume them as difficult terrain. Meat is sold in bulk. And there are many who genuinely sell the meat in bulk. Of course there are bad elements who do not sell meat in genuine way. There is some amount of mixing of meat with animals of not your choice. If a KG of mutton costs around Rs 700 and in bulk of 30 to 50 kg, if you can mix meat of other animals to at least up to 10 kgs and you will not notice the mix. You can make a big profit out of this. Mutton can be mixed with dog, monkey, donkey and cat.

When the supplier has adulterated with these and has supplied to a restaurant. There may be many who will be obliging for a small commission from the particular supplier. When these meats are served in a restaurant, none will be able to differentiate the meat. So choosing your meat in a restaurant is still your luck.

What about the road side eateries that sell biriyanis for Rs 40 and push carts who sell kebabs for such small price, how do they make their big profit?

If you have to use oil, the options are you buy company ones, loose in the shops or buy from wholesalers. There is always someone who is selling at a very cheap price which attracts these roadside vendors to buy. What oil are they supplying to these vendors? Most of the cheap oil sold in these markets in bulk or loose are the ones, which are recycled and refined oils. There is evidence that motor oil is refined and sold.

Anything you eat these days is planned for your satisfaction with artificial flavors, excessive oil, ghee or cheese. And they can dump so much, because they can afford it and you know where they would be getting those from.  

We are getting corporatized in our food habits. Indians have a varied taste and is different even for fifty to hundred kilometers. Western food is uniform across and will find the same taste in any corner of those countries. Breakfast to lunch we cook literally from the scratch. We are losing our taste following the west.


Now if your kids are used to fast food and lose the habit of liking Indian food, chances are that they will be cooking less in future when they are adults. All they need is processed foods and bread. It’s easy to take two slices of bread and spread jam and cheese. You are done. That is what they are going to give their kids when they have kids. When you lose touch of your taste and depend on restaurants and fast food which are addictive, you lose one families taste.

And every family has a unique taste. Mostly the taste of a family is mixture of both parents and wife’s side if nuclear family and husbands side if joint family. Now all these are lost because slowly we are turning in to western way of living which is typical robotic corporatized human lives. And they are being dictated by the market and the corporations.

This is the toilet tissue moment of the world. If you can see that people go on riots in the western world for toilet tissues. Don’t you find this really odd and silly? This is what a robotic corporatized human will be like. Excretion is natural process which has happened across the world from the time humans are in existence and nobody had control over that. But now the western world is held by the toilet tissue companies by a sword. It’s like that challenge of all the body organs claiming who is the greatest in the body and you know who the last one to say was.

Like normal labor (Child birth) has disappeared and has become a tik tok delivery. What could have happened with few thousands rupees now many are spending on lavish suites worth lakhs, and that used to happen as a normal process all these millennia.

Indians can cook a meal anywhere with simple ingredients. While same cannot be done by westerners. They are dependent on company made food and they are the slaves of the corporate indirectly.

If you lose touch with your way of food and de

pend on restaurants and fast food. Over time you and your kids lose touch with family taste and try to imitate the same at home. Like cooking fast foods at home and using too much processed foods and ready mix. Family taste is lost and art of cooking will be lost. And you will depend on processed foods and fast foods

So at the end of the day if we don’t appreciate the way of living what India has we will end of like processed humans with degenerate values, and dependent on corporate and their prices.



Thursday, April 27, 2023

Acknowledge, it’s not your own.


Acknowledge, it’s not your own.


There was a Kannada movie in the early eighties called Guru Shishyaru. It was a comedy movie with lot of humorous  scenes. Being a kid of late seventies to early eighties we usually exchanged the movies as stories to pass time, of course other than the time we played outside.  When this movie came and many had seen this movie, it went viral among the kids chat with so many micro comedy scenes as stories.

This topped the chart staying on top for months. And as I heard these stories repeatedly over months from many kids around me I already had the movie in my mind and could tell the whole movie story without having really seen the movie. I went around telling these stories to the ones who had not heard or to the ones who wanted to rehear that one as if they are watching it for the second time or third.

I really saw the movie later in life, definitely after having shown that movie to many in my own words.

This I call my Guru shishyaru moment, which is goes like whatsapp university in this era.

We tend to hear many stories and news from others, either directly or through social and main stream media. We tend to believe blindly about various topics, we listen and many times we blindly believe and join the dots and come out with our own analysis and start to play to the gallery and to the unsuspected audience and convince them of the view we have.

Over the years we may have seen some people copying others thoughts or ideas and going around talking about it and showing it off as their own. While they will not have much further to add we do find many of them fighting to the idea, what they heard from others. If you want to know whether they are genuine or not, all you need to ask is what do they read. You can ask them what they have read, novels, digests or authors. You will know by then what they are really made up. They will divert quoting their unusual read, by accident and go on claiming they have the stuff.


There is this guy who copied me and using my views as his own personal one, in front of others. Funny thing he has told me few ideas of mine which I had talked in front of him as his own to me.

I remember a friend from Raipur telling me about a person who always did write the climax of a movie on the medical college notice board to watch the fun after first day. And the same person used to implant a made up story and wait for that news coming to him. How will you feel, someone who uses your idea and tells you over time on your face as if it is their own.

One day over a drink I told this person, to acknowledge by telling a story about how I learnt something from one friend first time and I did quote him for that story. It goes this way, while in my post graduation I met two seniors in a juice shop and over the chat I told you know “ I am a rolling stone, going over places in life, like rolling stones never make a mass “ For this one senior told me why do you think that way, rolling stones get polished. That was the first time I had heard this and I was impressed. That moment I got it immediately, as a rolling stone you may have not become definitive in life but you have learnt a lot over those places you have been. Every time you are moving you are finding something new and something not you expected while staying in one place in fact may help you achieve faster and bigger but you lose out having not read much of life experiences which are to be experienced.

I told the story quoting my senior who was the first to tell me that quote, which I had not come across before or after that day. I was trying to communicate that you should acknowledge what you get from people, not just copy and play it along as it’s your own. Many people copy your views and ideas and pass it around as their own.

It has become common to plagiarize from others and pass it off as their own. It is very common in social media, people copying without acknowledging the original person from whom it originated. It is common among many around you who struggle to have their own identity who will be trying to impress and use everything possible. Invariably they will pick your ideas, views, use new uncommon words in English try accent and only the real ones will know, other than the lackeys.

People without any class have this habit of using all means to achieve the higher status. They do it by copying you in every aspect and they will be literally you when you are not around.

 Acknowledge, acknowledging a person from whom you have got that specific knowledge goes a long way in your class and upbringing. Whoever it is, who has had made a difference in your life.

Many times it would make a teacher emotional and proud when you acknowledge or quote for those rare things you picked up especially from them, whether it is an idea, advice or any specific knowledge, which made a difference in your life.

Stop lying to yourself and the world, while you wear it on your sleeve that one which was not yours at all if not for that specific person.

Monday, February 27, 2023

Biryani new generation fast food.


Recently there have been increased sales of Biryani across the country. It has set a record for the highest orders across the country. Every road has a Biryani center including mobile vans and push carts. Biryani is available for even as low as 40.

Why is this trend where everyone is obsessed with Biryani. 


Many South Indians know about Upma and Curd rice. If you are older generation and like upma you will have a pattern how you eat upma. That upma tastes good with pickle and sometimes curd and is eaten with hand. The reason it tastes good is because you know how to ratio your upma with pickle and curd to get your best taste. There is an art in mixing and kneading to get your taste bud relishing it. This you can't achieve using a spoon to eat.


Many curd rice aficionados have their own style with pickle, onion and sometimes adding little sambar. 


While eating with hands, here also there is an art in getting the right consistency of curd rice and mixing it right and taking an hand full while taking the right amount of pickle gravy and using the onion needed at the right time. While you finish your curd rice, there is an amount fluidic left over which is finger licking good.  


Though licking the plate dry may look ugly to others, it is a kind of heavenly taste for the curd rice fanatics. 


The same way if you are eating white rice and sambar adding ghee, pickle along with palya (sabji). Here also you get your consistency right and take the additional according to your taste which can be achieved only by hand. That art what your hands (fingers) can do cannot be replaced by spoons.

Same applies to many foods we eat where a supporting food is needed to complete. 

Many foods we eat need supportive food. Roti with gravy and rice with sambar. All these are eaten with hands with right mix of supportive foods and accessory taste makers ( pickle, ghee and all )


Recently many have lost that touch either they have less patience or they are in a hurry and moved on to spoons and fork. Recent generation have never picked up this taste at all with fast foods and the way they eat.

Recently I saw my daughter’s plate after the crud rice and there were still so many grains of rice with left over curd. I asked her to finish it; all she did was pick few more grains of rice. Older ones would have licked the plate to dry. 

This is what is happening with everyone who lost the art of eating food taking their own time. Everyone is in a hurry and with shorter attention span.


So they have found a solution in all in one in Biryani. You have got flavored rice, some vegetables and meat this combination is serving all the purpose which is easy to eat and faster way.

 You are done.

Finally Biryani has become readymade taste for you without much fuss.

And it has become the new generation fast



Friday, September 13, 2019

Rest Room Business

Rest room business.


Rest rooms are very personal in nature for everyone. It is one important private space for most of us. I have had this rest room idea since decades. This idea of mine and my other blog of toilet training can be utilized by employers to improve the productivity by more than 30 to 40%. This is from my perspective. 

My previous blog of 2009.

Then we had Swatch Bharath introduced in 2014.

I would like to focus on our country for all practical purposes, as most of my blogs are.

Every person has a way of functioning in his or her personal day to day life. There are multiple factors which are individual to each of them.  It all depends on personal attitude, behavioral adaption and upbringing. I personally feel there is one very important factor which makes a person what he is and how he functions. That is bowel habits and rest room usage.

Bowel habits of a person define that person and the way they function according the comfort of their habits.

We have a very bad situation in our country when it comes to toilets and usage among the people. Whenever people are on the move, they have difficulty in using toilets. Most of the people do not travel often for a simple reason of bowel habits. And many plan their tourism around their hotel room and cannot risk going out for few hours more than their bowel habit.


The concept of public toilets is redundant. Whatever is available are dirty and cannot be used. So this is where the hotels and restaurants take advantage. Most of the people take up a hotel room or use dining services just to use toilets. What if we reverse this?


I would like to focus on how we can use different perspective of toilets for betterment of our society by giving an opportunity to learn a better way with perception and habit.

Here we need private players like a corporate who can use this and make it big also. I visualize this like a fast food chain. Build a chain of pay and use toilets. Most of the commercial establishments build business with a free toilet facility and make up their primary business luring through rest rooms. What I propose is use the toilets as the real services and rest as additional service if needed.

Build a wonderful complex of toilets with a beautiful lounge in the reception. Toilets can be of different standards. Display the facilities like a fast food chain.  Customer will have the option of choosing with details of the provision and price. The types can be like basic toilet with commode and hand wash.  Upgrade to different standards like commode with shower and hand wash. You can have multiple additions. All these should be sound proof with adequate light and ventilation.

The rest rooms are planned in such a way maintenance aspect is easy and should be to the extent possible automatic and minimal human interference needed for maintenance.

After each toilet use the forced jets should cover whole of commode and floor with faster drain and suction and dried with hot air or whatever technology which is available to achieve that.  

These are built in tourist places, highways, city centers, airports, bus and train stations. These are private and payable. While free services offered by respective players will function simultaneously.

Imagine the kind of places India has in the world which is not visited and Indians keep going abroad only for the reason they are well maintained while we have enormous world’s beautiful heritage which are neglected only for the reason inadequate infrastructure. Only this aspect my idea is equivalent to half the infrastructure battle won.


I see a wonderful India with lot of Indians travelling appreciating our native heritage and spending in the country rather than losing lot of foreign exchange. This needs a corporate with a fine brain in the basics and using for the advantage and contributing to the country. There may be trickle down smaller players which ultimately will lead to covering bigger populace.

Many of the companies can use this idea and improve their productivity. Imagine man hours are lost because of the discomfort by the deficiency of comfortable toilets. A comfortable toilet use without being conscious can improve a person’s confidence and functionality in his work.

Monday, August 19, 2019

Reclaim The Roads And Footpaths  

Our cities are growing exponentially. We are getting crowded on our streets with vehicles, hawkers and land grabbers. Day by day new vehicles are added and road side businesses are starting up. We are losing space on the road and foot paths are disappearing.
Is it the bad town planning or lawlessness? Town planning engineers have got it wrong all along and law enforcement agencies are busy taking advantage. Most of the roads have no walkable foot paths and around 30 percent of the road is left for motoring. Most of the people have to walk on the road as the foot paths are occupied by the residents to grow their garden, shop owners stocking, advertisements, small roadside businesses and hawkers. We are left with short distance of walkable foot path, after which you need to get on to the road facing the traffic as the sides are filled up by the parked vehicles. 

Roads and footpaths are free for all in our country. You can do anything you want and nobody questions you. You can raise a tent, while digging road for the poles and block the road for functions without the fear of law or basic civic sense. You can unload your building materials on the footpath and road, blocking half the road or build a temporary structure again with no regard law. It’s getting out of hand, civilians are risking lives walking on roads or uncovered footpaths over drains.
What should we be doing before our roads and footpaths disappear? I have spent more than two decades in Mysuru and will be writing in relevance to Mysuru.

Town planning in this city is of two rows of residential plots on either side of the road. Along the line of the plots will be storm water drain which is left open and sometimes closed. After the drain comes foot path and tree planted on to the roads. In between these you will have electric poles. Then you have water line running along on one side which traverses across the road for every plot. I wonder what they save by this, why they can’t run on either side of the road which doesn’t require digging an asphalted road which is expensive. There is another disadvantage with trees and electric poles. Whenever trees grow to the level of electric wires, electric board personnel will chop the tree to the side of the wires there by causing the tree to lean towards the road and grow up leaning on to the middle of the road. When trees are leaning on to the middle of the road, tall vehicles like buses and trucks cannot travel on the sides as the trees obstruct them, they drive in the middle of the road causing traffic disruption. 

Its time government comes out with clear cut directions when it comes to roads and footpaths in towns and cities. All the residential areas will have a road with clearly marked residential plots. There should be a clear cut directive of ear marked breadth on either side of the road depending on the width of the road. At least 10 to 15 percent of the road width should be used as footpaths on either side combined. The storm water drains should be along the plots and should be covered with perforated slabs and with regular perforations on the side to drain water from the road. The covered storm water drains act as foot paths. Since storm water drains are built in concrete, upper portion can be perforated to run a tunnel like structure where plastic pipes are run with regular entry to individual houses and rented to the all those who want to run cables for different reasons. Water drains can be done on the opposite wall. Since houses are built for lifelong its worth investing and charging a nominal fee for the same for residents. Existing system fails repeatedly and so much of material and manpower are routinely wasted every year digging roads and losing money. It’s wise to run electric cables underground, though initial investments are high like everything else it is also for life and maintenance will be cheaper in the long run. 

Trees can be planted after the storm water drain deeper to the drain depth and trees are chosen selectively which grow straight and looking at their branching pattern suitable. Roads are asphalted with side drainage with not less than one perforation for five feet slab on the sides. Roads have to be clearly marked for central line and lines for the sides. It’s better to have a clear cut line where the parked vehicles should not protrude on to the road. People go by reference hence it is ideal to have a line marked for two and three wheeler to drive to the maximum on left side.
Then comes keeping these for the purposes they are built for. Not allowing anyone to take over the footpath either for gardening, storing their products and the businesses. Government should look in to options to solve hawkers and roadside business start ups.
Typically residential areas are planned with two adjoining rows of housing plots with the common backyard separated by a wall (Commonly in Mysuru) and the front of both rows will have roads with storm water drain, sewage line, water line and electric lines. This has typical problems like I talked about it earlier. What if the backyards both rows of housing plots are separated by common free area of about like 6 feet width. This common area can be used to run sewage, water lines, electric lines and cables. This cuts down the cost as single line is used and split in to individual house plots. Roads can have their tree line and storm drain as usual. There is no digging needed repeatedly as the maintenance easy as the dedicated path is built on the back yard. 

Traffic police across are waste of tax payers money. So much money is used for their presence. I have not seen any contribution from them for the society which is worth. All they ever do is collect money from unsuspecting people in different ways. One of the biggest frauds is their concern for two wheeler riders without helmet. And not about millions who are being killed by the irresponsible drivers. When you can’t solve speeding drivers you just put road humps every hundred meters. As they can’t control irresponsible drivers, they just slow down the traffic by placing barricades. Qualified IPS in top posts were supposed have solutions while we find them without common sense, forget about streamlining traffic. I have never seen any constructive traffic management solutions from the traffic police in my life.
Traffic management and irresponsible law management are the ones we have gotten in to this state. Both come under police. Forget about proactive actions even the basic actions are not done by them because of the greed and corruption. They may blame other departments, yet those would have co operated if these two had some effort put in. 

This is high time to concentrate and start from basics. So far whatever was in place has not worked it’s time think about it in a way to solve the existing ones.

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Soceity should encourage masturbation

Every day we hear news of sexual atrocities and perversion with murder of young girls across the country and the world. This is increasing by the day. Whatever rule of law is not stopping this from happening. Though it is high in western countries which are not projected as much it is projected in our country. 

Testosterone is a deadly hormone. It has been the dominant world ruler across the animal kingdom to mankind. World has fought millions of war and billions have been killed by this directly or indirectly. It has to its credit with advanced technology and achievement to regressive mentality.
Developing world is seeing young men with enough hormones and inadequate education running wild on the streets. Most of them are taught regressive thoughts either by their peer or elders. Many of them are not fit to be in the society as a respecting fellow human. They do not have the skills to live among the society and accept the opposite sex as human.

Because of the orthodox nature of the society and some regressive teachings many young men are not finding a way out of their hormonal needs. Easy availability of porn and lack of social norms are causing them to let go of their inhibitions. Most are trying to find ways out to release their frustrations of their hormonal challenges. So many ways are used for their release, prostitution, homosexual activities, bestiality and many use sexual violence. In strict orthodox communities, they are getting in to incest. 

There is gender imbalance in many communities for many different reasons. Some communities find having girl is a burden the reason for female infanticide and in others polygamy is causing shortage for the poor. Along with this international human trafficking is increasing the gender gap. With millions of young men with no social interaction with the opposite sex and living among themselves with multiple fantasies and the possible stories of pleasure is causing havoc in the society. Most of them resort to self taught ways to release their frustrations and with social media communication they going out of the way to justify their inhuman actions.  

The society should recognize the possibilities of this epidemic and come out with a solution. Since this is a difficult topic to talk and address in the society across the world nobody ventures out. When I was talking about this to my friend, he told me that Osho had talked about it decades earlier. Since I have not read or heard Osho much, would suggest people to try reading him or listen. I remember watching 15 the Surgeon general of USA Ms Joycelin Elders proposing that society should encourage masturbation for social harmony. She was made to resign. 

Most of the young men or women are unaware of their body and the functions in terms of sexuality and sex. We do not have sexual education in our country and many of the other countries. Most of them end up either in prostitution or other ways like I mentioned above. Men need a release for their sexual frustration. Since sex is not the easy way for each one, masturbation is the only alternative for the release.
If you look at sex toy industry, there are multiple modalities manufactured for women who can acquire easily than men. Men toys are minimal and not easy to own. We need to encourage that industry to come out with ideas to encourage more easily accessible and subtle gadgets for men for self satisfaction in sex. The tools should be easily available and easy to hide to avoid the guilt. We need to use social media to find ways to spread the knowledge of do it yourself sexual toys for men. They can find them on web where some people have shared their knowledge about the same. They have devised some ways to simulate the female organ for the pleasure. 

But someone has to do it. So I have googled and found one link
Sexual frustration is not just seen in poor young people, it is seen with us educated lot also. Every one finds some form of release. Some may find new love, others may visit a brothel, and some may masturbate or find some pleasurable ways. We have some with so much frustration that they just find gossiping about others and painting perversions on them give them a release. This is common with the highly educated ones also who can’t really do anything for the frustration and release on social media and among their circle bringing down their high qualification to another sexual act.  

We as a society have to think of our people and their actions which directly affect the society and future generations. This is one aspect which has been neglected since generations. Though prostitution is present time immemorial still we have not legalized it. As we can’t expect to change in this for time to come. Masturbation as a means to relive the frustration of young men has to be encouraged to reduce sexual violence and devious behavior. Social media can be used to silently spread the message among the masses. It will be a political suicide to talk about it by the government, this can done by responsible mature people who have a cause for the society. Many are so immature reading this also they will ridicule, forgetting that if only they had a CCTV around their life would they have ridiculed this idea.

Friday, July 12, 2019

Match Yourself

Match yourself.

When I was in college, everyone was crazy about these imported sneakers. At that period we did not have any well known brands and India had not opened up the markets. They were expensive and many couldn’t afford those and were available in smuggled goods stores.

When one guy asked his father for a pair of shoes like that, the father asked whether he would carry them on his head if he bought them. Because they cost five times the cost of Indian expensive ones. While the boy wanted shoes of that class, he wore badly tailored shirt and trousers and a cheap belt if he owned one. What is the logic in sporting an imported pair of shoes when your dressing implies either you have bought a stolen good or you have been gifted by someone from abroad? They don’t match. 

All of us have an inbuilt mechanism of impressing others and we spend a lot of time doing that. We want to be better and superior to others. Everything we do always revolve around impressing others, to be noticed and respected. From the time we start realizing about ourselves in childhood we build this mechanism to be superior to others. Everyone is trying to beat the other and claim I am better than you.

(You can read my other blog called I am better than you. Though a different topic, indirectly talks about this.

One famous professor in Chennai once asked me whether I was jealous in life. Like everyone else I denied. He went on to explain to me it’s good to be jealous as long as it doesn’t turn me in to someone with bad attitude and revengeful. Jealousy in moderation makes you achieve and better yourself in life. Moderate jealousy about someone better than you is the reason you fight out and achieve. It builds you competitive spirit and helps you to achieve goals. Excessive jealousy may consume you in to revengeful bigot even after achieving certain goal. You build negative energy and alter your attitude in turn using illegal means to beat and break the other person as you cannot accept him or her in your competition. 

I was giving the example of how we are noticed and appreciated in society. When you drive an expensive in to a place, many people around would be watching who is driving that car. Your trousers, sock and shoe are the first thing visible to them when you alight and they form an impression and will judge you, whether you own the car or you are chauffer. If you drive around a three to four million car and do not have the basic taste in your dressing you don’t match. 

Once I was travelling and met a young man who happened to be my wife’s classmate. While we were talking he told me about how he was finding it difficult to get a girl for marriage as he was bald. He wanted my opinion as I was totally bald and how to go about it and whether he should go for hair transplant. Balding is one the nightmares of men. When a man goes bald, he goes through a phase of denial and depression. He does every possible thing in the world to safeguard his hair. At the same time his attitude and body language change. He is conscious about his baldness all the time. He avoids society (not literally), covers himself with hat and he grows left over hair longer to cover the bald patch. This gets him bigger ridicule than the totally bald and it gets him more depression. I was telling this young man about how a girl who is aware of her future should be judging him.

 A man is judged by three things, his hanky, socks and his underwear if you get a chance. A bald man hiding his hair is worse than the totally bald man. Well trimmed bald hair, either whatever left of or totally shaved should be right look. Well dressed to the extent affordable, without body odour and well manicured with a pleasant personality is the way you should approach for a partner. One expensive item doesn’t qualify. A Rolex watch while the shoes are not shined doesn’t match. Well dressed (expensive dress and shoes) but you have stuck your lengthy hair from your back to the forehead doesn’t match. Many girls want their fiancée to look young with hair. It is difficult accept a bald man. They have to show the fiancée to their friends and relatives to make them envious and feel elated. 

Indian roads are a world by itself with lot of arrogance and road rage. Two wheeler riders are on roads to impress more than reaching a destination. They do not wear helmets and ride dangerously. Altering the silencer to make lot of noise and doing stunts at the cost of others only to impress and to be noticed. Using phone while riding and risking their and

others only to show off. Holding their phones on their shoulder to speak and using social media while riding and obstruct the traffic. They drive in the middle of the road and obstruct traffic. Seriously they want people to appreciate and respect. Car owners are no different and their behavior is obnoxious to say the least. How do they you match? 

You must have noticed realtors wearing thick gold chains and bracelets driving around in expensive cars. Rich elite will not be wearing them. Many who go around like this would have acquired wealth in a short span without core values of life. While the wealth makes them rich, they lack sophistication of the years long education and personality building. They assume displaying wealth over body could satisfy their ego and compensate. They are trying to say Hey, elite I am wealthy too, accept us in your elite club. Only the sidekicks will appreciate them, while the world sees the obvious. Same thing you see in lot of women who wear higher number of ear rings. 

In professional circles, many highly qualified have this mismatch. Having mastered in certain specialty they are not only masters in their subject but demand equal respect in other matters which they not mastered. People respect for mastered subject but they may not accept your claim in the subject you have not mastered. Just because you are a super specialist in one subject doesn’t mean you can claim authority in a subject which you know casually. These issues cause friction among colleagues and your team. People have differences and ego in the same field. If you have a bad attitude you would try to hurt the other with your ego. Competition among colleagues can turn in to a cold war, which may lead to jealousy and revenge. Jealousy will help in achieving in terms of higher of learning and achieving better, at the same using the opportunity to gossip and score an upper hand. At the same time they may go downhill personally trying to pull the other down, which is appreciated by the other faculty and colleagues.  Jealousy would have been indirect display of their inadequacies personally. Though in reality they walk around with superiority complex, inner self definitely is proving them that they are not. They would have done everything the other has done, yet they are not satisfied. They always will have sidekicks and others who prompt and join in this onslaught. Slowly they lose the reputation and respect while they climb on a high of self appreciation and from the sidekicks. They demand  

We use lot of display in our life to communicate to the society and immediate circle of ours to be respected and accepted. We pick up certain selective characteristic attitude to impress others while we may be medieval in personal attitude and behavior. We give importance to obvious display which are recognized and respected. Many things we avoid and hide which are noticed by others. And respect and recognition gets limited approval. What good does it serve being highly qualified in certain specialty and lacking common sense and civic sense. When you go through social media posts and forwards, sometimes wonder that everyone has achieved nirvana the ultimate conscience. Sometimes I tell them at least follow what you forward. In reality most of them do not understand where they stand. It is not easy being what you claim to be.

You cannot attain class with selective maneuvers of life and demand respect. Respect is earned by showing class in every aspect of life and matching to the standard which you want to have. Many get lost and spend lot of money and energy in the hope to attain this. In reality anyone can have a class with simple living and yet have lot of following and respect