Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Soceity should encourage masturbation

Every day we hear news of sexual atrocities and perversion with murder of young girls across the country and the world. This is increasing by the day. Whatever rule of law is not stopping this from happening. Though it is high in western countries which are not projected as much it is projected in our country. 

Testosterone is a deadly hormone. It has been the dominant world ruler across the animal kingdom to mankind. World has fought millions of war and billions have been killed by this directly or indirectly. It has to its credit with advanced technology and achievement to regressive mentality.
Developing world is seeing young men with enough hormones and inadequate education running wild on the streets. Most of them are taught regressive thoughts either by their peer or elders. Many of them are not fit to be in the society as a respecting fellow human. They do not have the skills to live among the society and accept the opposite sex as human.

Because of the orthodox nature of the society and some regressive teachings many young men are not finding a way out of their hormonal needs. Easy availability of porn and lack of social norms are causing them to let go of their inhibitions. Most are trying to find ways out to release their frustrations of their hormonal challenges. So many ways are used for their release, prostitution, homosexual activities, bestiality and many use sexual violence. In strict orthodox communities, they are getting in to incest. 

There is gender imbalance in many communities for many different reasons. Some communities find having girl is a burden the reason for female infanticide and in others polygamy is causing shortage for the poor. Along with this international human trafficking is increasing the gender gap. With millions of young men with no social interaction with the opposite sex and living among themselves with multiple fantasies and the possible stories of pleasure is causing havoc in the society. Most of them resort to self taught ways to release their frustrations and with social media communication they going out of the way to justify their inhuman actions.  

The society should recognize the possibilities of this epidemic and come out with a solution. Since this is a difficult topic to talk and address in the society across the world nobody ventures out. When I was talking about this to my friend, he told me that Osho had talked about it decades earlier. Since I have not read or heard Osho much, would suggest people to try reading him or listen. I remember watching 15 the Surgeon general of USA Ms Joycelin Elders proposing that society should encourage masturbation for social harmony. She was made to resign. 

Most of the young men or women are unaware of their body and the functions in terms of sexuality and sex. We do not have sexual education in our country and many of the other countries. Most of them end up either in prostitution or other ways like I mentioned above. Men need a release for their sexual frustration. Since sex is not the easy way for each one, masturbation is the only alternative for the release.
If you look at sex toy industry, there are multiple modalities manufactured for women who can acquire easily than men. Men toys are minimal and not easy to own. We need to encourage that industry to come out with ideas to encourage more easily accessible and subtle gadgets for men for self satisfaction in sex. The tools should be easily available and easy to hide to avoid the guilt. We need to use social media to find ways to spread the knowledge of do it yourself sexual toys for men. They can find them on web where some people have shared their knowledge about the same. They have devised some ways to simulate the female organ for the pleasure. 

But someone has to do it. So I have googled and found one link http://letstalksex.net/how-to-make-a-pocket-pussy-homemade-masturbators/
Sexual frustration is not just seen in poor young people, it is seen with us educated lot also. Every one finds some form of release. Some may find new love, others may visit a brothel, and some may masturbate or find some pleasurable ways. We have some with so much frustration that they just find gossiping about others and painting perversions on them give them a release. This is common with the highly educated ones also who can’t really do anything for the frustration and release on social media and among their circle bringing down their high qualification to another sexual act.  

We as a society have to think of our people and their actions which directly affect the society and future generations. This is one aspect which has been neglected since generations. Though prostitution is present time immemorial still we have not legalized it. As we can’t expect to change in this for time to come. Masturbation as a means to relive the frustration of young men has to be encouraged to reduce sexual violence and devious behavior. Social media can be used to silently spread the message among the masses. It will be a political suicide to talk about it by the government, this can done by responsible mature people who have a cause for the society. Many are so immature reading this also they will ridicule, forgetting that if only they had a CCTV around their life would they have ridiculed this idea.

Friday, July 12, 2019

Match Yourself

Match yourself.

When I was in college, everyone was crazy about these imported sneakers. At that period we did not have any well known brands and India had not opened up the markets. They were expensive and many couldn’t afford those and were available in smuggled goods stores.

When one guy asked his father for a pair of shoes like that, the father asked whether he would carry them on his head if he bought them. Because they cost five times the cost of Indian expensive ones. While the boy wanted shoes of that class, he wore badly tailored shirt and trousers and a cheap belt if he owned one. What is the logic in sporting an imported pair of shoes when your dressing implies either you have bought a stolen good or you have been gifted by someone from abroad? They don’t match. 

All of us have an inbuilt mechanism of impressing others and we spend a lot of time doing that. We want to be better and superior to others. Everything we do always revolve around impressing others, to be noticed and respected. From the time we start realizing about ourselves in childhood we build this mechanism to be superior to others. Everyone is trying to beat the other and claim I am better than you.

(You can read my other blog called I am better than you. Though a different topic, indirectly talks about this. https://pradski.blogspot.com/search?q=i+am+better+than+you.)

One famous professor in Chennai once asked me whether I was jealous in life. Like everyone else I denied. He went on to explain to me it’s good to be jealous as long as it doesn’t turn me in to someone with bad attitude and revengeful. Jealousy in moderation makes you achieve and better yourself in life. Moderate jealousy about someone better than you is the reason you fight out and achieve. It builds you competitive spirit and helps you to achieve goals. Excessive jealousy may consume you in to revengeful bigot even after achieving certain goal. You build negative energy and alter your attitude in turn using illegal means to beat and break the other person as you cannot accept him or her in your competition. 

I was giving the example of how we are noticed and appreciated in society. When you drive an expensive in to a place, many people around would be watching who is driving that car. Your trousers, sock and shoe are the first thing visible to them when you alight and they form an impression and will judge you, whether you own the car or you are chauffer. If you drive around a three to four million car and do not have the basic taste in your dressing you don’t match. 

Once I was travelling and met a young man who happened to be my wife’s classmate. While we were talking he told me about how he was finding it difficult to get a girl for marriage as he was bald. He wanted my opinion as I was totally bald and how to go about it and whether he should go for hair transplant. Balding is one the nightmares of men. When a man goes bald, he goes through a phase of denial and depression. He does every possible thing in the world to safeguard his hair. At the same time his attitude and body language change. He is conscious about his baldness all the time. He avoids society (not literally), covers himself with hat and he grows left over hair longer to cover the bald patch. This gets him bigger ridicule than the totally bald and it gets him more depression. I was telling this young man about how a girl who is aware of her future should be judging him.

 A man is judged by three things, his hanky, socks and his underwear if you get a chance. A bald man hiding his hair is worse than the totally bald man. Well trimmed bald hair, either whatever left of or totally shaved should be right look. Well dressed to the extent affordable, without body odour and well manicured with a pleasant personality is the way you should approach for a partner. One expensive item doesn’t qualify. A Rolex watch while the shoes are not shined doesn’t match. Well dressed (expensive dress and shoes) but you have stuck your lengthy hair from your back to the forehead doesn’t match. Many girls want their fiancée to look young with hair. It is difficult accept a bald man. They have to show the fiancée to their friends and relatives to make them envious and feel elated. 

Indian roads are a world by itself with lot of arrogance and road rage. Two wheeler riders are on roads to impress more than reaching a destination. They do not wear helmets and ride dangerously. Altering the silencer to make lot of noise and doing stunts at the cost of others only to impress and to be noticed. Using phone while riding and risking their and

others only to show off. Holding their phones on their shoulder to speak and using social media while riding and obstruct the traffic. They drive in the middle of the road and obstruct traffic. Seriously they want people to appreciate and respect. Car owners are no different and their behavior is obnoxious to say the least. How do they you match? 

You must have noticed realtors wearing thick gold chains and bracelets driving around in expensive cars. Rich elite will not be wearing them. Many who go around like this would have acquired wealth in a short span without core values of life. While the wealth makes them rich, they lack sophistication of the years long education and personality building. They assume displaying wealth over body could satisfy their ego and compensate. They are trying to say Hey, elite I am wealthy too, accept us in your elite club. Only the sidekicks will appreciate them, while the world sees the obvious. Same thing you see in lot of women who wear higher number of ear rings. 

In professional circles, many highly qualified have this mismatch. Having mastered in certain specialty they are not only masters in their subject but demand equal respect in other matters which they not mastered. People respect for mastered subject but they may not accept your claim in the subject you have not mastered. Just because you are a super specialist in one subject doesn’t mean you can claim authority in a subject which you know casually. These issues cause friction among colleagues and your team. People have differences and ego in the same field. If you have a bad attitude you would try to hurt the other with your ego. Competition among colleagues can turn in to a cold war, which may lead to jealousy and revenge. Jealousy will help in achieving in terms of higher of learning and achieving better, at the same using the opportunity to gossip and score an upper hand. At the same time they may go downhill personally trying to pull the other down, which is appreciated by the other faculty and colleagues.  Jealousy would have been indirect display of their inadequacies personally. Though in reality they walk around with superiority complex, inner self definitely is proving them that they are not. They would have done everything the other has done, yet they are not satisfied. They always will have sidekicks and others who prompt and join in this onslaught. Slowly they lose the reputation and respect while they climb on a high of self appreciation and from the sidekicks. They demand  

We use lot of display in our life to communicate to the society and immediate circle of ours to be respected and accepted. We pick up certain selective characteristic attitude to impress others while we may be medieval in personal attitude and behavior. We give importance to obvious display which are recognized and respected. Many things we avoid and hide which are noticed by others. And respect and recognition gets limited approval. What good does it serve being highly qualified in certain specialty and lacking common sense and civic sense. When you go through social media posts and forwards, sometimes wonder that everyone has achieved nirvana the ultimate conscience. Sometimes I tell them at least follow what you forward. In reality most of them do not understand where they stand. It is not easy being what you claim to be.

You cannot attain class with selective maneuvers of life and demand respect. Respect is earned by showing class in every aspect of life and matching to the standard which you want to have. Many get lost and spend lot of money and energy in the hope to attain this. In reality anyone can have a class with simple living and yet have lot of following and respect

Thursday, July 4, 2019

How I am Overcoming RSI and surviving everyday.

It's been a while since I last wrote. I have been planning this blog for couple of years, though I was not comfortable to say Yes I have overcome RSI.

As I have written earlier about how RSI took over my life and what to do about it in my previous blogs.

I have done so many things to solve this RSI, bought so many books and visited so many people. One thing I learnt, that is nobody knows completely about it and they can do nothing about it.

Only I can understand my body and problems and only I can solve this myself. 

Over years I learnt a lot about it and implemented to live a decent life.

I went through many texts and techniques to solve and to live it daily. 
To get to that original state of non RSI life is quite difficult as continuation of your daily life with the same work which in the first place caused this.

RSI is a chronic disorder which would have taken years for it to develop.
When you are affected with RSI and your life has gotten really sick. 
By now you would have tried everything and every possible Doctor, physiotherapists and many more. 

Solving RSI requires a conglomeration of ideas and techniques. 
Most of them cannot concentrate on one person for more than the available time. It recurs very often for so many reasons.
Many people discontinue and live that life of pain.

I have over the years have solved this with multiple techniques and easy to do maneuvers. I have helped many people and have tried many successful techniques. 
I wrote earlier how I tried needling and which has picked well with physios. 

Then I had one more technique which was prescribed by one of earlier leader in 
this subject which I used it for myself in my Gym. It was picked by the instructors naming it after me. DSP therapy. (DrSP) Now it is their own.

Finally I decided there is so much I can help those who are going through very bad RSI. So I am planning to help all those who have not been solved by others and willing for my therapy.

This will be for chronic pain sufferers with RSI not for acute pain due to any structural abnormality.

No treatment will be done. You should have all the previous tests and results.

I will be teaching all the techniques that you need to solve yourself and live a better life on your own with minimal investment.

Most can benefit from the techniques and help themselves with these ideas and techniques. Honestly it won't be costing like you have spent so far. 

How you can use simple devices to solve your problem and improve your daily life.

Whoever has not solved their problem and still find life is a struggle can visit me and I will guide you for a better life with some of the techniques and how to go about it in daily life.  

Since I do not have separate clinic, I will be doing whenever I am free out of my hospital work in the place available that is my house. 

I will be charging for the same. 

Session involves that I will go through your tests, examine and explain. 

Then I will tell you how to go about it. Show the techniques and guide you do it yourself. 
All the materials I use will be shown to you and used for training purpose.
You may have to buy them later for yourself separately, I won't be selling them of course.

This is my first attempt to practice the knowledge I have, lets hope it will be of use to those who really need this. 

Friday, May 24, 2013

Manage your waste.

Waste management has been the nightmare of the world, which is still struggling to figure out how to.  We being the biggest offenders expect government to solve, which is a representative of ourselves. We have not found a way to solve all the waste we generate. Waste management is the biggest disaster waiting to happen in our country while we are clueless about it. Indians claim to be very clean, while they dirty the neighborhood. Only the house seen by others is clean, rest will be rotten and they complain.

We generate lot of waste. We have waste from paper, plastic, food and many more. We put them all in to a bag which is collected by a garbage collector in some places. Rest dump in to the dumpster which is nearby. Since everybody throws everything in to one bag and is discarded in to the dumpster, we do not know the problem that is causing in terms of solving the waste. And the problems which are associated with it.

We can help the society, environment and country by being responsible. All it needs is simple discipline. In this country if you don’t help yourself, nobody else will. We may end up dead if we are waiting for our rights. If you want to live better, you better help yourself.  We can help ourselves by simple waste management.

Divide the waste into three to four categories like paper, plastic, wet waste and the rest. Sort the paper first. Every paper that comes in to your house should have a place to go. The envelopes can be opened well and good ones can be stored, which can be used to store many items for future use by labeling them. Rest of them should be put among the newspapers. Unimportant papers printed on one side can be filed to use the empty side later, either by the kids to paint or yourselves as a rough paper.  Confidential papers which have to be thrown should be discarded by local factors at your discretion or can be shredded or cut in to pieces and used among the wet waste. Every paper can be folded to a decent extent and stored along with the newspapers. The extra paper may not fetch you much but they go to the right place, recycling unit.

Plastic waste, aluminum cans, bottles and non degradable waste is stored in a large bin, which is sold to the paper guy, which will fetch you few bucks. We usually let the maid handle this, letting her sort and sell where she gets few bucks. Plastic covers can be folded to their original shape and placed in a box. These can be reused later.

The uncooked vegetable waste should be stored in a container and left it in the backyard. The uncooked vegetable waste dries up and does not stink. It can be used for composting or can be used in the garden filling the areas dug up especially for these. Or you can combine the garden waste like leaves and flowers and pass it on to the garbage collector.

Wet waste is the biggest culprit which is a nuisance. Decomposing the food waste and others cause bad odours and invite unwanted insects. These have to be discarded daily with a plastic bag. This is an ecological disaster and is expensive. Instead of throwing the wet waste daily you can use the other means. Food waste can be collected at the kitchen sink, by simple means. One container is kept dedicated to fill the food waste by everyone at the sink. Everybody walks in and empties their food waste in to the container before either washing or dumping their plates. Along with this throw away food and wet waste is combined. At the end of the day, the waste is washed by water by sieving. The waste is stored in closed lid container and put in the refrigerator. If the waste is too big it can be discarded on the same day or the next. Otherwise it is stored till it gets accumulated to a certain extent.  It can be disposed off in two ways, either to a dumpster in a bag or without depending on the service given in your place. Or it can be used for composting. There are simple ways of composting in the country please find them online. This way your kitchen will not stink and you do not have to dispose garbage every day.

You may find millions of items which cannot be divided in the above way. When you get the fundamentals right, you know how to manage. These are the basic ideas you should work on. Then you can help. Our government institutes have not gone way ahead in waste management. Let’s go ahead of them and be prepared. I know we don’t see that happening, neither do I see people following whatever I am talking. You know why we don't care, because garbage is not dumped around our house. But it still has to be dumped around somebody's house. They can't fight and should we care ?

PS: All the pictures are copied from Google search for illustrations only.